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Police patrol car with LOOK system built-in

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Carmen ANPR engine is used by over 1700 customers within more than 120 countries, covering all European and most overseas countries, from Australia, Brazil, South Korea, USA, Taiwan, China to Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates or India. It is successfully deployed even in the countries with other alphabets, than Latin and in regions, where plate color recognition is needed. Specialized Carmen engine versions are worldwide used for cargo container code recognition - ISO 6346, or  BIC codes,  UIC – wagon/coach numbers recognition on railways,  or  ADR Hazard Identification Number HIN – The Kemler Code tables recognition on tank trucks. Whole category of hardware solutions together with specialized Carmen engine versions is directed to one pass personal documents recognition and validation – passports, driver licenses or id cards. Human face identification version of Carmen is currently in development.

Examples of Carmen engine foreign installations:

    • Highway toll system – entirely relies on Carmen technology – virtual highway sticker e-vignette / e-matrica,
    • Budapest Ferihegy International Airport – access and parking system,
    • Border crossings – vehicle check,
    • Parliament – parking system,
    • National Police Headquarters Bldg. – access system,
    • ARAL Petrol stations - vehicle check,
    • Budapest downtown Szervita tér parking house – parking system,
    •  Daimler-Chrysler factory,
    •  London City toll system,
    •  Highway toll system - automatic check for toll violation,
    •  Border crossings,
    • Slovnaft Bratislava (in cooperation with EFG) –   Look System as the entry system, connected to EFG Aktion access system using MS SQL server data access and  Windows API. Complete large area installation with truck gates, where trailer and truck plates are separately recognized and processed, ANPR IP and standard cameras,
    • Slovnaft Bratislava  (in cooperation with EFG) - Look Module with 3 ANPR IP cams on vehicle scale device,
    • Renarde Pezinok - Look Parking entry system with 2 ANPR IP cams and barrier control.

Examples of LOOK and HiEntry installations in Czechia

  • Czech Police – Border crossings (in cooperation with Antes) – approx. 80 workplaces  – Look System as a stationary vehicle search system (deployed until Schengen area has been joined by CZ),
  • Czech Police (in cooperation with MTX)- Look System as a mobile stolen vehicle search system  – ruggedized PC built in to the patrol cars – over 30 installations to various vehicles (Škoda, Ford),
  • Czech Police Prague, Harrachov, Karlovy Vary - Look System as a stationary vehicle search system, connected to city camera surveillance system,
  • Czech Police Praha, Ústí n.L, City Police Ceská Lípa, Jablonec n.N . - Look System as a portable vehicle search system (ruggedized Notebook or Tablet computer based - more installations),
  • Cepro - Czech State Oil Distribution Company (in cooperation with Antes) – more sites over Czechia – Look System as an entry system with personnel interaction – two run modes – independent and interactive,
  • Chemopetrol Litvínov – Look System as an entry system, more gates including cargo gates,
  • Správa Pražského hradu - Prague Castle Direction  (in cooperation with Sieza, Techniserv) - complex parking system with central Firebird data storage, more Look System sites with overlapped camera usage and multiuser parking place management and scheduling and entry ticket print with customized HiEntry version (PHEntry), serial connectivity to Northern Computers (WinPak) access system, recording of unread events (like a vehicle without plate) using a vehicle presence detector,
  • VinciPark (in cooperation with Designa) – Europort Hotel's parkhouse at Václav Havel Airport Prague - Look System traffic recording system with Ethernet connectivity to Designa parking system - more stations,
  • Ceskomoravská stavební sporitelna (Bank) – Prague - multilevel underground and overground parking site - Look System as complex entry and parking system with rule and occupation check, barrier and gate control, overlapped cam usage, light signals, more networked Look System sites with motion detection,
  • POINTPARK PRAGUE D1 South Point Logistic Center Velké Popovice – Kunice -  Look System as cargo entry system with barrier control and motion detection,
  • Parking Kotva Prague – Look System as traffic recording system creating complex vehicle photographic documentation,
  • Parking Viza Service – Look Parking with gate control,
  • Geiss logistic center Modletice – Look System as cargo entry system with barrier control and overlapped camera view,
  • Reditelství silnic a dálnic CR (Czech Highway Direction) – trip time measurements on highways,
  • Makro CR - outlet store (in cooperation with Sieza) - Look Parking, but modified to display states with 8 logical outputs and detect unrecognized event, multiuser HiEntry permission management and traffic reporting,
  • Czech Military Police (in cooperation with VOP) - multiple member car mobile system for vehicle convoy to check the traffic and automatic detection of suspicious vehicles with remote Blacklist and Whitelist processing using graphic and data communication over TCP/IP with backup link,
  • Pražská Plynárenská - Prague Gas Distribution Company - Look System as a complex entry system, more installations with ANPR IP cams, barriers, controlled with Ethernet I/O units, multiuser permission management, reporting and rule check with HiEntry featuring special interface for area visitor cars management,
  • Envinet - Look Module performing ANPR for vehicle radioactivity scanning device - non - European plates, database interface and Windows Messaging based event notification,
  • Czech Ministry of Interior (in cooperation with Seos) - Look Parking with customized logical output event messaging, with ANPR IP cams, with built in motion detection deployment, and additional overview video screen and  HiEntry for event and permission management,
  • Vehicle speed enforcement system M-ELVIS24 (in cooperation with Akermann) -  Look System as a mobile stolen vehicle search system and offence recorded vehicle ANPR processor and data supplier - integrated with Video24 documentation and radar control system. Our next submit to the M-ELVIS24 project is ElvisView - the offline desktop offence record post-processing application to store the offence records, add the data, view and select the graphic areas and print the Offence reports.