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Document Management System (DMS) – HiDOX

Centralized management of electronic and digitalized paper documents with added OCR - drained searchable metadata, brings many features to the companies, which remarkably simplify entire document life cycle. To achieve these needs, HISYS develops  HiDOX Document Management System (DMS) covering all areas and adding more benefits.

  • It's based on robust, autonomous server farm ready to serve hundreds of clients.
  • To browse the content and manage the system, modern web browser or even smartphone is enough.
  • It can be accessible either from the company network only, or with secure access also externally from the Internet.
  • Wide spectrum of document types supported - from common office pack files to specialized graphical  files for geography and civil engineering.
  • The documents can be imported more ways - from web interface, or with direct file system access. This ensures huge data amount readiness.
  • Multilevel versing and automatic metadata extraction and categorization.
  • Documents are hierarchically organized to document spaces, enabling easy cooperation.
  • Sophisticated search engine, for any searchable part of documents. Documents can be cross referenced to gain more valuable information.
  • In the enterprise domain network can the system use existing domain accounts to reduce maintenance requirements - Active Directory over LDAP is supported
  • Support of document life cycle is in HiDOX integrated natively. The documents can be approved, archived an even discarded transparently. Document workflow can be driven by predefined workflow templates. All document life cycle can be logged and audited.
  • Most critical part – document security is realized very sophisticated way. All data are secured to document level, deploying user accounts, groups and roles.