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LOOK on ruggedized Tablet with USB dongle

LOOK System

Automatic Vehicle Number Plate Recognition System (LPR/ANPR/ALPR) – LOOK System

  • LOOK System is a PC software application, using the specialized cybernetic neural network based automated image processing algorithm to recognize - "machine - read" or scan the text on motorized vehicles marked with a registration plate - aka license plate, or a number plate, from the TV cam live motion video. The processing speed is high enough to allow real time operation and unlimited speed of the scanned vehicles. Gained results can be successfully used for various jobs, where the car has to be identified or matched. To LOOK up the stolen cars or to create the license plate - based access system are just two from many possible applications. This job is often called ANPR, ALPR or LPR - for  Automatic Number/License Plate Recognition. 
  • Besides the registration plates of the vehicles, Look System can also read standardized numbering on railway wagons - UIC codes, standardized cargo container codes and hazardous material plates on tank trucks - HIN - ADR / Kemler code. These features are used in logistic centers. Another application is reading of personal documents standardized text area - found on passports, id cards or driver licenses, to be used on the checkpoints, where the personal documents are massive checked and validated, like on the airport, or the official state authorities.
  • The process runs in real time, typically using a closed circuit television (CCTV) camera as a source. The camera can either be a digital one - IP camera, networked to the computer, or analog - with traditional PAL or NTSC output to be digitalized - captured in the computer. The image files, uploaded to data storage are another supported way to get the input.
  • Look System is a full featured application, providing the complete functionality with user interface, statistic result processing and the database related functions. The functionality is tailored to meet the needs of specific customer's processes and rules. This often includes connectivity to a third party access system and/or more complex features in multi user environments cooperating with HiEntry system and more Look System installations sharing the data on a network server.
  • For common entry system application, installed at a closed area or a parking site, where event recording, access granting and occupation check is needed, Look Parking is the right choice. No further development is needed, but the desired functionality can rather be selected by the system administrator within the application options window.
  • For the applications, where just standalone "RFID card / barcode reader" approach is enough for ANPR, Look Module is the option. It can send the result text and graphic data to the partner system using TCP/IP (web service), serial line, write to the database, use Windows Messages (simulate keystrokes) and more. 

LOOK System Highlights

  • Average recognition time of 1 image 100 ms,
  • Built-in software motion detector and triggered queue mode for unlimited speed of vehicles,
  • Multiple lane operation - up to 6 IP cams,
  • Specialized ANPR infrared IP cams supported natively including remote control,
  • Generic IP cams supported - MJPEG and H.264/AVC,
  • ActiveMovie / DirectShow video source supported including FireWire DV,
  • De-interlace feature for interlaced inputs - full PAL or NTSC,
  • Vehicle presence detectors supported for triggering,
  • Country / State detection,
  • Direction Sense - detection of car motion direction,
  • More ANPR engines supported simultaneously for regional plates, 
  • Cost effective versions for entry or slow applications available.