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Internally mounted Carmen USB and video grabber

.: LOOK - Use Cases


  • Vehicle check and search in special interest databases - to search for stolen, or other special interest vehicles in the database, when matched, both visual and sound alarm is pronounced. This is the function Czech Police uses, but the same can be found useful for other subjects – insurance, executor offices, petrol stations, commercial centers and more, in principle everyone, who needs to fast check large amounts of vehicles, what is not just slow, but also difficult and with high error rate, when performed manually for longer time,
  • Automatic vehicle traffic recording with alarm invocation -when unknown vehicle in closed area or blacklisted vehicle in open area is found, alarm will be displayed and noised, as above, but the exit event is paired to entry event for the same car, allowing the parking time to be measured. In case of charged parking sites the plate number can be printed on the parking ticket and it can be used to ensure the ticket was not swapped between cars. It is also easy to document photographically the vehicle state in arrival time, which can be searched by the registration  number easily later,
  • Railway wagon and cargo container traffic recording feature can be easily added resulting with complex information about time and wagon, on which the container arrived and about registration number of the truck, which moved the container longer from the logistic center,
  • Entry system with automatic gate opening to approved vehicles - can serve to all vehicles, or can coexist with other access modes – for instance one company employees use RFID cards and another use Look System, both on the same gate. All vehicles can be recorded, or approved only. Rules can be checked – for instance to avoid parking with more cars, belonged to the same person in the same time, or maximal stay time, or to ensure the vehicle reached final parking site – when more gates has to be driven through. Permission management can be distributed, multiuser, client application based. Permission can be permanent or temporary, with time limitation. The system can check and display operational states, like occupied state. Both summarized and detail traffic reports can be created,
  • Number plate recognition for access system, this constellation can for instance match plate numbers of truck and trailer with the data entries, obtained from RFID card driver has to use and the vehicle has to be approved for the specific gate in the access system’s database. When the vehicle was inspected by personnel, he triggers logical input, and, if all matches, it stores overview photographic documentation with data record and opens the gate.
  • Near traffic monitoring system for one or group of vehicle neighborhood with automatic evaluation of suspicious behavior and suggestion for blacklist or whitelist,
  • Number plate recognition for vehicle measurement devices like scales, chassis scanners, radioactivity, dangerous and illegal material detectors, roentgens and similar, where the measured result has to be added with plate number. This is most important with differential measuring devices, comparing previous and current values, 
  • Trip time measurement / section speed measurement is the measure, which can be with advantage used in telematic systems, giving more complex results, compared to standard traffic measurement, allowing to analyze and model the traffic in the real time to manage the traffic optimally,
  • More functions can be bound together in one system.