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Look Parking Main screen

.: LOOK Parking

Look Parking is the standalone entry system, built on Look System platform. Basic function is to open the gate when approved car arrives and to register the timestamps of the car in and out events. The records are organized the way, having entry and exit time on one line. Empty exit field means the car is inside, the line is color coded in this condition. All camera kinds are supported, as well as all Carmen engine license modes FreeFlow, Parking (with analog cameras only) and Parking Digital. Up to 4 cameras / lanes can be recognized, 2 for entry and 2 for exit. Number of controlled I/O outputs is maximally 5 (2x entry open, 2x exit open and occupied). The functionality can be set by user or administrator, using preset window, which can be password protected. Count of cameras for recognition and for overview images is also specified in the setting window. Up to 4 additional cameras can be used for overview images. 

LOOK Parking functionality templates

  • Traffic recording – if the Open barrier/gate to approved cars option is not checked, timestamps of the events – vehicle entries and exits are recorded to database. In the Event list window one can search for the events, print them or save to Excel..
  • Automatic access system – when Open barrier/gate to approved cars is checked, but neither  Time validity, nor Occupation check are selected, then in addition to event recording the access is granted opening the gate automatically to the cars, whose plate numbers was specified in Approved window, once appeared before camera. The appropriate output contact of the logical I/O unit switches on for a moment, simulating pushing the Open button. The approved car list can be edited in the application, or imported from the Excel or text table. The import of approvals can be automatic without user interaction.
  • Automatic access system with time validity – when Time validity, is selected, the approvals can have permanent or temporary validity. If the temporary approval expires, the gate is not opened anymore. The temporary approvals can be valid in a range of hours - like during working time, or can be hour independent. 
  • Automatic access system with occupation check – with Occupation check the system counts the cars inside. When parking is full - all places from the count in Settings are occupied, then next car is not allowed to entry, but Occupied notification light signal is lit, when next approved car arrives to the entry, until some car leave the parking.
  • Automatic access system with place group occupation check – when Place group occupation is selected, then the parking / area is divided to more independent place groups, which are occupied separately. The approval contains the info to which group this car belongs. When all places of specific group are occupied, then next car from this group will not gain access, but it will be notified with Occupied light signal. But the cars from another groups can enter the area normally, until the places belonged to their group are free.
  • Automatic access system with place reservation – when Place reservation is checked. In this mode every permission record has assigned specific parking place for the validity time. The mode is similar to the place reservation in movie theatre - it is possible to plan, which place will be assigned to which car and when such car arrives, the place is reserved for it. This mode can be utilized together with occupied mode above, then two kinds of places can be defined - occupied and reserved (granted) places.